Jack Dorsey's First Tweet is for Sale as NFT for $48M
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April 8, 2022

The CEO of Malaysia-based blockchain company Bridge Oracle, Sina Estavi, has decided to sell the NFT of the first tweet posted by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006, Bloomberg has reported.

He has put the non-fungible token up for sale for $48 million.

Estavi bought the token last year from Jack Dorsey for $2.9 million. Jack converted the proceeds into Bitcoins and donated them to GiveDirectly, a charity that helps people below the poverty line.

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Now, on April 7, Sina has put the NFT for sale on the NFT marketplace OpenSea at a price almost 17 times the original value of the NFT. He has promised to donate 50% of the funds to GiveDirectly. In addition to altruism, the Bridge Oracle CEO expects to make $21 million from the deal.

However, Jack has encouraged Estavi to donate 99% of the profits in Ethereum to charity, however, Sina has not responded to the proposal.

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