22 March 22 March
JPMorgan: Bitcoin is Still in Overbought Territory
1 March 1 March
JPMorgan: Bitcoin Will Fall to $42,000
22 February 22 February
S&P Global: Spot Ethereum ETFs Could Increase Asset Concentration Risk
19 February 19 February
Fed Governor: Stablecoins Will Strengthen US Dollar Dominant Role
14 February 14 February
Expert: Bitcoin Will Reach $600,000 in 2026
12 February 12 February
Bernstein: Bitcoin Miners Shares Will Rise Ahead of Halving
5 February 5 February
How the Federal Reserve and ETFs Contribute to Bitcoin's Decline
1 February 1 February
Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin is a Hedge Against Wealth Theft
31 January 31 January
Standard Chartered: Ethereum ETFs Will Be Approved in May
30 January 30 January
Experts: Ethereum ETFs Will Not Be Approved Before the End of 2025
25 January 25 January
Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin Will Fall Below $35,000
23 January 23 January
Michael Novogratz: GBTC Sales Will Not Affect Bitcoin
22 January 22 January
Peter Schiff: Bitcoin Will Fall Again
18 January 18 January
Anthony Scaramucci: Bitcoin Will Reach $170,000 by 2025
15 January 15 January
Tom Lee: Bitcoin Will Soar to $500,000 in Next Five Years
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