1 September 1 September
PancakeSwap Integrates Coinbase’s Base Network
23 August 23 August
Developers Launch Private Exchange Protocol in Solana
27 July 27 July
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Falls by 2.94%
17 July 17 July
Binance Adds Support for Lightning Network
14 June 14 June
Bitcoin Hashrate Reaches an All-time High
26 April 26 April
LayerZero to Integrate with Polygon's zkEVM
19 April 19 April
Intel to Stop Making Bitcoin Mining Chips
31 March 31 March
Tezos Activates Mumbai Update on its Mainnet
28 March 28 March
dYdX Will Launch Today its own Cosmos-based Blockchain
15 March 15 March
Ethereum Developers Activate Shapella Hard Fork
27 February 27 February
Solana Network Restarts After Update Error
23 February 23 February
Binance Launches Semi-Automated Reserve Management for BNB Chain
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