30 November 30 November
OpenSea Reveals NFT Creators Made $1B on Fees in 2022
23 November 23 November
Rockstar Games Says No to Crypto, Bans NFTs in GTA Online
16 November 16 November
Cristiano Ronaldo Launches an NFT Collection on Binance
8 November 8 November
Bored Ape Yacht Club Creator Proposes Allowlist for NFTs
3 November 3 November
Meta Introduces NFT Minting Feature for Instagram
3 November 3 November
Dapper Labs Cuts 22% Staff as NFT Market Cooling Off: Report
28 October 28 October
Twitter is Testing an NFT Display Feature
26 October 26 October
Swiss Bank Starts Offering Custody for Blue Chip NFTs
25 October 25 October
Apple to Charge 30% Fee from NFT Sales in Apps
17 October 17 October
Anthony Hopkins’ NFT Collection Sells Out in 10 Minutes
13 October 13 October
OpenSea Now Lists NFTs on Avalanche

OpenSea Now Lists NFTs on Avalanche

13 October 13 October
12 October 12 October
SEC Probes Yuga Labs Over NFTs: Report
11 October 11 October
CNN Faces Rug Pull Accusations Amid NFT Marketplace Closure
11 October 11 October
Scammers Target Phantom Users with Fake NFTs
10 October 10 October
OpenSea CFO Resigns from His Position
5 October 5 October
Hugo Boss to Launch a Collection of NFTs
5 October 5 October
Japan to Invest in Metaverse and NFTs
3 October 3 October
A User Pays $4.4M for NFT from CryptoPunks Collection
30 September 30 September
Instagram and Facebook Allow US Users to Share NFTs
28 September 28 September
PUBG: Battlegrounds Creators Relies on Blockchain for New Game
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