Editorial team


  • Alexander Orlov

    Alexander Orlov

    Financial and banking analytics expert, crypto enthusiast in the spare time.

  • AMarkets


    Leading forex and CFD broker. It is a company with highest percent of successful traders.

  • Anna Kirshbaum

    Anna Kirshbaum

    Business, trade and marketing analyst, dancer, yoga practitioner, excellent cook and a simply marvelous procrastinator

  • Anton Merkurov

    Anton Merkurov

    Satoshi.fm founder

  • Denis Zubov

    Denis Zubov

    Private trader in currency exchange market since 2009. Applications developer for analysis and algorithmic trading.

  • Dmitry Putylin

    Dmitry Putylin

    Fitness Expert. I'll share how you can get into shape. Science based practical advice.

  • Eric D’noire

    Eric D’noire

    A staunch skeptic and faithful infidel, keen on technology, gaming — getting into it before it became mainstream — and almost every geeky thing.

  • Evgeny Vlasov

    Evgeny Vlasov

    Co-Founder and CEO of Comino

  • Greg Sullivan

    Greg Sullivan

    I am a freelance web designer, writer, and a crypto miner, will break down the tech behind cryptocurrency mining for you.

  • Ilya Klishin

    Ilya Klishin

    RTVI digital chief editor, https://www.facebook.com/ilya.klishin

  • Kirill Kononovich

    Kirill Kononovich

    Columnist of Ihodl.com

  • Maria Kondorskaya

    Maria Kondorskaya

    Technical writer, copywrtier, translator

  • Michael Kuchar

    Michael Kuchar

    Forex and cryptocurrency trading expert, specialize in technical analysis, namely in chart pattern setups. I educate traders of all levels. Follow @ tradingbeasts.com

  • Stepan


    A first time, small-time investor, missed out on most of last year's crypto-craze, but is now playing catch-up, and jumping onto the bandwagon.

  • Victor Argonov

    Victor Argonov

    EXANTE analyst

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