Iran Grants License to Turkish Crypto Mining Company
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iMiner, a Turkey-based crypto mining company, has just received the green light from Iran's Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade to operate in the country.

The company, which will install 6,000 mining rigs in the country, will be one of the largest operating in Iran.

According to a publication made by media Press TV on April 29, iMiner has reportedly invested about $7.3M in a mining farm in the province of Semnan, where it will install those 6,000 mining devices with a capacity of 96,000 TH/s.

If we take into account the company will install 6,000 devices, this means that each of them will have a capacity of about 16 TH/s.

Apart from offering a mining service, the company will continue to offer trading and custody services both in Semnan and in different offices in Tehran, the country's capital.

Crypto mining was legalized by the country's authorities back in July 2019 and since then they have issued over 1,000 licenses to mining companies as the country's low electricity costs attract companies from all over the world.

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