23 November 23 November
NY Governor Signs 2-Year Ban on Bitcoin Mining
22 November 22 November
Crypto Miner Iris Energy Shuts Down Most of its Devices
17 November 17 November
Investor Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Miner Core Scientific
31 October 31 October
Argo Blockchain Failed to Raise $27M from Strategic Investor
27 October 27 October
Bitcoin's Largest Publicly Traded Miner Warns It May Go Bust
27 October 27 October
Compass Mining Will Host 9,000 Crypto Miners in Texas
25 October 25 October
Public Miners' Share of Bitcoin Hashrate Reaches 25%
21 October 21 October
Bitcoin Miners Stop Liquidating Their Reserves
20 October 20 October
Bitcoin Energy Consumption Rises 41% in One Year
19 October 19 October
The European Commission Could Ban Crypto Mining in the EU
14 October 14 October
Binance to Credit Crypto Miners with $500M Fund
14 October 14 October
Crypto Miner Crusoe Buys BTC Mining Firm Great American Mining
11 October 11 October
The Difficulty of Bitcoin Mining Hits a New High
5 October 5 October
Hut 8 Mining Mined Almost 100 Bitcoins Less in September
29 September 29 September
Binance Pool Starts Supporting ETHW

Binance Pool Starts Supporting ETHW

29 September 29 September
29 September 29 September
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Falls for First Time Since July
28 September 28 September
Bitmain Founder Sets Up $250M Fund Targeting Troubled Bitcoin Miners
28 September 28 September
Bitcoin Mining Generates 0.1% of Global CO₂ Emissions
26 September 26 September
Miner Iris Energy to Raise $100 Million in Equity Capital
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