Amazon to Put Advertising Data on a Blockchain
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Popular U.S. online retailer Amazon has just published a job post looking for an experienced software engineer to "join the company's advertising fintech team focused on a blockchain ledger."

It looks like the company plans to put advertising data on a blockchain.

According to the job posting, the team will focus on billing and reconciliation systems to provide transparency in transnational financial data.

Amazon has not yet made any public statement about this.

It is still unknown the blockchain the company plans to work with, although we know that Amazon Web Services' blockchain team, the company's cloud business, has developed its own blockchain called Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB), whereas AWS' Managed Blockchain service is connected to ethereum's and Hyperledger Fabric's blockchains.

Amazon is having a very active role in the blockchain ecosystem. For example, on June 12 it was known that Jeff Bezo's company had partnered with a British insurance firm to develop a pension blockchain system.

On June 11 Ihodl reported that Amazon had become the most valuable company in the world, after surpassing Google and Apple.

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