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Era7, an advanced trading card game incorporating attractive incentives similar to Hearthstone's created by some of the world's top gaming developers, will conduct its Initial Game Offering (IGO) on January 27, 2022.

The IGO on Binance

As per a press release on January 17, the IGO will be on the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by user count, Binance, where Era7 plans to release 13k Fantasy Boxes, availing them to interested investors from 12 PM UTC on January 27, 2022. According to the issuer, each box will contain one random Master Card picked from seven races in the game.

Era7 and Binance will also work together to promote the IGO with the express goal of allowing users access to rich NFTs wrapped in Mystery Boxes. The mystery boxes, as mentioned earlier, contain crucial in-game NFTs useful in the high-quality blockchain game merging trading cards and eSportsFi. The expected attention derived, the team holds, would propel Era7 to even greater horizons as more gamers flow in.

Allowance for Players to Strategize and Earn More

Each Master Card will exist as precious NFTs useful in the Era7 gameplay for summoning Battle Cards.

It is critical because all gamers must hold at least 30 Battle Cards before they participate. In turn, with Battle Cards at hand, players can implement different strategies to earn rewards since Era7 has fused in a play-to-earn model to benefit gamers who also double up as its NFT holders.

Era7 has also indicated that holders of Master Cards will receive ten additional summon times for Battle Cards once the game is activated. This means, depending on the player's activity, they will earn more rewards from their participation.

Binance Tapping on Blockchain Gaming and NFTs Popularity

Binance appears to be tapping the rising popularity of blockchain gaming and NFTs. A DappRadar report revealed that blockchain gaming activities dominate crypto, flipping DeFi activities.

Notably, unlike DeFi tokens, whose performances are coupled to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, NFTs are relatively resilient. While BTC prices crumbled from mid-Q4 2021, the number of active user wallets connecting to gaming blockchains fusing play-to-earn models soared.

The Binance IGO, the exchange explains, is a new initiative that acknowledges the significance of blockchain gaming and NFTs only available on the Binance NFT marketplace. It aims to be a go-to gaming NFT asset trading platform for investors to quickly channel their funds to potential projects, acquiring valuable assets that may include in-game items represented as NFTs or the game's tokens. Era7 will conduct its IGO on Binance by selling its mystery boxes instead of flat sales or auctioning assets.

Era7 Brings the Best of Blockchain Gaming, DeFi and NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain

Blockchain game Era7 combines interesting features of blockchain gaming, NFTs, DeFi and gaming to bring forth a lightweight eSportsFi. Consequently, they are innovatively introducing new earning opportunities for users across the globe.

By bringing exciting elements of blockchain gaming and DeFi, eSports become more competitive. Besides, there is a guarantee of security and fairness since all operations are immutably transparent on the underlying Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Era7's Previous Successes

Ahead of the IGO, Era7 has successfully completed its seed and presale rounds, spearheaded by some of crypto's leading venture funds. The last funding round was led by Hashkey and Mobox with participation from established and veteran crypto investors like Huobi Ventures, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Good Games Guild (GGG), AU21 Capital, AlphaCoin Fund and more.

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