Five Crypto Launchpads to Watch in 2022
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The biggest winners in crypto are the early adopters. Those who get in on the hottest projects promptly recoup the biggest rewards, often seeing their initial investments paid back multiple times over.

The challenge for budding crypto investors is to identify the best projects at an early stage. There have been countless examples of people missing out on 100X returns because they were unsure about whether or not to back a specific project.

Crypto launchpads have emerged as the most popular vehicles for crypto early birds, making it simple to find and back promising projects in their earliest stages. Not only do they highlight up and coming projects with real utility, but they provide thorough verification and screening processes to ensure investors won’t fall victim to scams.

So without further ado, here are the top crypto launchpads to watch in 2022.


Launched in 2020, Polkastarter is one of the more established crypto launchpads on our list. As Polkadot’s main launchpad, Polkastarter is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that’s built to support cross-chain token pools and auctions and help new projects raise liquidity. Users can raise funding in a fully transparent and secure environment, benefiting from the scalable Polkadot network’s unique cross-chain swap feature that enhances throughput for faster and lower-cost transactions. The same feature also makes it possible to generate liquidity through Ethereum and other blockchains.

Other useful aspects of Polkastarter’s platform include permissionless listings, passwords-protected private pools, smart contract-activated token exchanges, price alerts in case of slippage and whitelisting. With these capabilities, users can rest assured they’re investing in projects with a high chance of success.


AdaSwap is uniquely positioned as the first native launchpad for the Cardano blockchain. It’s aiming to solve the current reliance on centralized crypto exchanges to trade and launch Cardano-native tokens, which benefit from faster and lower-cost transactions than Ethereum. The AdaSwap Launchpad is set to go live this year, and will enable decentralized Cardano projects to raise capital rapidly with low costs.

For investors, it promises a secure and compliant environment that will protect them against rug pulls through careful vetting of each project’s tokenomics, team leaders, overview and use case, roadmap and business development, community and social channels. Projects that pass its strict vetting processes will benefit by overcoming investors’ fear of scams, enabling them to raise far more capital, meaning they’ll be better placed to achieve their goals. The AdaSwap Launchpad will begin accepting applications from the first Cardano projects soon, so it’s most definitely one to keep an eye on.


SkyLaunch is an initial DEX offering platform that aims to change the focus of IDOs from simple fundraising models to one of project incubation. To that end it provides tools, resources and support for all projects it lists both before and after the IDO takes place. In truth, SkyLaunch is really an IDO accelerator that aims to ensure the long-term success of the projects it launches.

What investors like about SkyLanch is it supports multiple EVM chains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. As we enter 2022, SkyLaunch’s roadmap calls for the creation of a Governance Council made up of unbiased blockchain experts, who will screen projects to protect investors from questionable projects seeking to launch on it.


Built on the Solana blockchain, SolRazr sits atop of an ecosystem that has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last year, launching a number of notable projects including the native cryptocurrency of Chingari, India’s number one social media platform.

SolRazr has the goal of helping teams raise capital to build on Solana quickly. It hosts projects spanning multiple segments of the blockchain ecosystem, including gaming, web3, NFTs, metaverse and DeFi. One of its most interesting features is its tradeable allocations, based on NFT technology, as well as its accelerator program that continues to benefit projects after their IDO. It also supports cross-chain pools through the Solana wormhole, enabling cross-chain investments.


As the first decentralized IDO platform for Binance Smart Chain, BSCPad aims to support the most promising decentralized finance projects by helping them to raise liquidity. It’s most interesting feature is its two-round system that aims to eliminate one of the major issues with first come, first served IDOs, which are often exploited by bots that fill all available whitelist slots on a launchpad the moment a new project launches.

With BSCPad, investors can choose between a lottery tier and a guaranteed allocation tier which ensures that if they win, they will receive a guaranteed allocation to participate in its two-stage IDO. BSCPad claims it’s a fairer mechanism that ensures evenly-distributed incentives for all IDO participants.

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