An Analog of Bitcoin's Ordinals Protocol is Launched on Ethereum Network
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An Ethereum user has just introduced the Ethscriptions protocol, which allows to create and transfer digital artifacts on the network, similar to Ordinals inscriptions on the Bitcoin network.

The solution has been launched by the co-founder and former CEO of the online music encyclopedia Genius, Tom Lehman.

According to Lehman, the launch of the protocol has been a success: in less than 18 hours, almost 30,000 Ethscriptions have been created, including a copy of the popular NFT collection CryptoPunks.

The protocol allows writing arbitrary files to the Ethereum blockchain, not exceeding 96 kB in size. Initially, it can only decode images, but in the future this function will be extended to all types of inscriptions.

Lehman has used the call data store in EVM, which sends data when a smart contract or transaction is called.

The user must send 0 ETH to the artifact creation address by entering a file converted to hexadecimal format in the Hex data field.

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