Consensys Rolls Out Alpha Version of Linea's Mainnet
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Consensys developers have just released the alpha version of Linea’s mainnet, a second-tier solution based on ZK-Rollups technology.

The platform is reportedly fully EVM-compliant, meaning it supports the Ethereum mainnet code and developers can use existing tools and infrastructure.

Consensys has reported Linea aims to offer a cost-effective solution for developers and users, with transaction costs 15 times lower than Ethereum’s.

Te project's ecosystem currently includes more than 100 protocols.

The solution is integrated by MetaMask, Infura, Diligence and Hyperledger Besu.

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The team will attract within a week partners to integrate applications and the necessary infrastructure.

Next July 19, during the ETHCC conference, developers will open access to the general public.

The launch of the mainnet came after the successful completion of testing within the Goerli testnet.

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