OKX Launches Second-layer Network X1 in Partnership with Polygon
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Crypto exchange OKX has launched X1, an L2 network, in partnership with Polygon.

According to the project developers:

"X1 will be a secure, highly performant platform for building dApps, with gas fees paid in OKB, OKX’s native token."

The network, which is based on zero-knowledge proofs, will be built using Polygon's blockchain development kit (CDK).

OKX also plans to "commit engineering resources to help add configs and tools for future chains built with Polygon CDK."

The network will reportedly support EVM, enabling "connection to a wide variety of smart contracts, wallets and tools."

Polygon Labs introduced Polygon CDK in August. The open source modular foundation allows any developer to launch their own L2 network, which will connect to other chains via a common ZK bridge.

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