21 September 21 September
Attackers Hack Indian Exchange's Twitter Account to Distribute Fake XRP Ads
19 September 19 September
Hackers Steal $3.3M From Ethereum Address Generator Profanity
9 September 9 September
Hackers Used Tornado Cash to Launder $500K from DAO Maker
8 September 8 September
US Recovers $30M Stolen by North Korea from Axie Infinity
8 September 8 September
Hacker Steals 370,000 USDC from DeFi Project Nereus Finance
6 September 6 September
Kyber Network Compensates 265,000 USDC Stolen From KyberSwap
2 September 2 September
DeFi Exchange KyberSwap Suffers Frontend Attack
1 September 1 September
Babylon Finance Fails to Revert Negative Momentum, Closes Platform
23 August 23 August
AMM Protocol SudoRare Goes Dark With 519 ETH
23 August 23 August
Rainbow Bridge Repels Onchain Attack
22 August 22 August
General Bytes Bitcoin ATMs Suffer Zero-Day Bug Attack
17 August 17 August
Crypto Scams Decline as Market Cools Off
7 August 7 August
deBridge Repels Cyberattack by North Korean Hackers
4 August 4 August
Solana Links Massive Hack to Wallet Provider Slope
2 August 2 August
Hackers Steal $90M from Crosschain Protocol Nomad
12 July 12 July
Hackers Target Uniswap Liquidity Providers
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