18 April 18 April
Currency.com Suffers a DDoS Attack
5 April 5 April
Convex Finance Patches $15B Vulnerability
4 April 4 April
Hardware Wallet Trezor Suffers User Data Leak
30 March 30 March
Hacker Steals $625M from Ethereum Sidechain Ronin
23 March 23 March
Solana-based Stablecoin Suffers Hacker Attack
16 March 16 March
Hacker Claims to Own $7 Billion in Bitcoin
21 February 21 February
OpenSea Launches Investigation into the Theft of User NFTs
15 February 15 February
Hacker Steals $36M From Pension Crypto Accounts at IRA Financial Trust
14 February 14 February
Hackers Start Using NFTs to Steal Crypto Wallets
12 February 12 February
Netflix to Shoot Doc Series About Bitfinex Hack
10 February 10 February
Hackers Attack DeFi Protocol Dego Finance
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