15 November 15 November
New York Fed Starts 12-Week Pilot of Digital Liabilities
14 November 14 November
Swiss Central Bank Sees Risks in CBDC

Swiss Central Bank Sees Risks in CBDC

14 November 14 November
31 October 31 October
Reserve Bank of India to Pilot Digital Rupee in November
28 October 28 October
Central Bank of Kazakhstan Will Use BNB Chain for its Own CBDC
27 October 27 October
The Bank of Turkey Plans to Launch a CBDC Next Year
17 October 17 October
Fed Member Criticizes Launch of Digital Dollar
14 October 14 October
Digital Yuan Transaction Volume Exceeds $14B
10 October 10 October
India's Central Bank to Launch a Digital Rupee Pilot Project
10 August 10 August
Citigroup to Hire Risk Managers for DeFi and CBDCs
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