26 September 26 September
ECB President: The Digital Euro Will Not Arrive Until at Least 2025
11 July 11 July
BIS: By 2030 There Will Be 15 CBDCs
21 June 21 June
IMF to Develop a Platform for CBDCs
14 June 14 June
Thailand Launches a Retail CBDC Pilot Project
23 May 23 May
US Lawmakers Draft Bill to Ban CBDCs
24 April 24 April
China to Pay Public Servants in Digital Yuan: Report
11 April 11 April
Montenegro Taps Ripple for CBDC Development
17 February 17 February
Japan to Pilot Complex CBDC Tests in Q2

Japan to Pilot Complex CBDC Tests in Q2

17 February 17 February
14 February 14 February
United Arab Emirates Plans to Launch a CBDC
8 February 8 February
Switzerland Might Ban Economy Digitization Over Privacy Concerns
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