Manage Multiple Portfolios and Wallets with CryptoView
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Sept. 18, 2020

Guest post provided by CryptoView

Crypto exchanges nowadays offer various tools and enhancements, but with the increasing number of available platforms, users are facing difficulties in tracking portfolio balances across multiple exchanges. CryptoView enables users to easily track portfolios, balances and asset performance in a single application.

The ability to merge portfolios and manage them through a single application is useful for both beginners and seasoned traders. Crypto traders are already experiencing the inconvenience of tracking multiple exchanges, all open in their browsers. Keeping track of third-party wallets also becomes a real hassle for crypto portfolio managers, as they have to keep an eye on both hot and cold wallets, as well as the balances of their customers.

CryptoView eliminates the problem with multiple exchanges, as it offers an all-in-one crypto portfolio manager for both advanced and novice crypto traders and fund managers. CryptoView’s core consists of API connections that synchronize the data from all connected exchanges and manages them directly through a single browser tab.

For users to have full control over their activities across multiple exchanges, CryptoView has implemented the support of sub-accounts for Margin, Lending, Swap and Futures crypto portfolio management. The platform enables various balance functionalities like manually entering cold storage values, dust filters, exporting spreadsheets and even sharing selected parts of the portfolios. The portfolio sharing function grants fund managers an option to give clients access to CryptoView’s platform.

CryptoView has a powerful portfolio analytics tab, which generates performance data while keeping track of portfolio holdings daily. Furthermore, the platform has an option for raw data export, for those who like to work with asset distribution ratio charts and spreadsheets.

The crypto portfolio manager allows the deployment of up to five individual portfolios, each having its wallet management, exchange overview and analytics software. Comparative plotting between all portfolios under one performance histogram is supported as well.

Data reporting is also simplified, as CryptoView can be set to automatically send emails with a report of the total balance per each portfolio, eliminating the need for logins and balance checking.

Other CryptoView functionalities include charts powered by TradingView with 85 technical indicators and 75 drawing tools, as well as advanced trading orders, multi-charting with 27 different grid options per screen, multi-screens, news aggregation tool and crypto events calendar.

To sum it up, the all-in-one crypto portfolio management software developed by CryptoView helps crypto traders and fund managers to easily manage, monitor and trade various portfolios on the world’s biggest crypto exchanges while operating on a highly-customizable single-tab interface.

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