5 Ways To Grow Your Business Using Cryptocurrencies
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Aug. 26, 2019
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Currently, many entrepreneurs and small business owners have a focus on emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), cryptocurrencies, and the bitcoin ecosystem. Why do they have this interest? Companies are seeing it as a way to grow their business.

Businesses can benefit significantly from cryptocurrency because social networks and millennials adopt and drive these technologies because of their high interest in them.

1. Create your cryptocurrency as brand reinforcement

A unique way of attracting attention is through the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in your business, that is, creating your own digital brand version. It is totally different from, for example, trying to print your own paper money because that is not allowed within a centralized monetary system. However, with digital currency, it is entirely recommended and possible.

The best way is to go to your community and develop the strategy. It is including your followers on social networks and customers. Start sharing with them your plans to create a brand cryptocurrency, including how it would benefit them to use it. The idea that you have the name of the brand, to be able to attract those who already trust your brand and are interested in being the first to try something new among their social circles.

Moreover, you don't necessarily have to be a technology expert to create it. It is because cryptocurrency is open source and uses code that is available online. Of course, you might want to get a cryptocurrency developer as Tokens to help ensure that your branded digital currency works in the best way.

2. Use cryptocurrency applications to offer an additional payment acceptance method

Several online retailers, including big brands, are supplementing cryptocurrencies as a method of accepting payment on their sites. This includes Microsoft, Overstock, and others. Later, you can expand your customer base and reach those who don't want to use credit cards or have a bank account. The more payment options you allow, the more possibilities you have to attract and retain more customers. Many payment service providers enable you to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for your business.

3. Bitcoin franchises

As the cryptocurrency grows in popularity, new business opportunities appear. This includes the franchise model, which can generate considerable revenue. It can also allow you to set up a parallel business quickly. There are cryptocurrency franchises to expand your empire.

4. Finance another business

Become an angel investor for another startup. That way, it helps when other traditional investors are not interested. As a result, you can make a considerable profit. Those in the cannabis industry can access a banking structure for their dispensary operations and commercial pots. Traditional banking systems are not serving other high-risk industries. Therefore, these industries could also benefit from their cryptocurrency investment platform.

5. Improve applications with blockchain

It could go beyond the focus on cryptocurrencies and look for applications. It includes those within the financial environment and outside it, who need higher speed, security, efficiency, costs, and service in general.

Either for other companies or to improve their own processes and platforms, profiting from this technology yields profitable results. It can also help to grow your business directly and indirectly. Examples include enhancing payroll or processing safer payments or contracts and data storage. Therefore, it is worth exploring how your company could use blockchain to make significant improvements in numerous applications.

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