Coinbase Site Recovered Following System Outage
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US crypto exchange Coinbase has reported a "system wide outage" that has disrupted its service for users trying to access it via desktop or mobile.

The platform announced the start of the "major outage" at 4:15 am UTC on May 14 on its official status page. Visitors to the site encountered a "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" error message.

This error usually indicates that the servers are undergoing maintenance or saturated by traffic, as stated in Mozilla's developer guide.

On May 14, Coinbase's support team took to their official X account to confirm that they were aware of the issue and were actively working to fix it. They assured customers that their funds were still safe.

However, it appears that the platform is back up and running, although withdrawals and fund transfers are still unavailable, as reported by some users.

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