Binance Will Stop Supporting USDC on Tron Network
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Crypto exchange Binance will stop allowing deposits and withdrawals for TRC-20-based USD Coin tokens in less than two weeks.

On February 20, the issuer of USDC announced plans to stop supporting the stablecoin through the Tron blockchain.

Circle stated it was part of its efforts to maintain the trust, transparency and security of the stablecoin.

Along with this decision, Circle also stopped creating USDC on the Tron blockchain and plans to remove support for the network altogether.

As a result, Binance has followed suit and announced it will no longer support deposits and withdrawals for USDC based on Tron's TRC-20 as of April 5.

Binance users have 12 days to convert, transfer or withdraw their USDC TRC-20 tokens.

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