Ledger and Coinbase Team Up to Make Crypto Purchases Easier
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14 February

Hardware wallet provider Ledger and crypto exchange Coinbase have joined forces to make it easier for users to buy and transfer crypto assets.

By integrating Coinbase's solution, Coinbase Pay, with Ledger's app, users can now easily transfer and transact cryptocurrencies from their desktop or mobile devices.

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This also allows users to receive their cryptocurrency purchases directly on their Ledger devices.

Ian Rogers, chief experience officer at Ledger, has said the collaboration is comparable to how Skyscanner simplified travel booking, making it possible for users to shop through Coinbase and securely store their funds on their Ledger devices.

He has added:

"This integration makes it much easier for crypto users to buy through Coinbase and have the funds directly deposited to the secure self-custody of their Ledger."

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