Hackers Steal More Than $11.5M from South Korean Karaoke Platform
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29 January

A hacker or group of hackers stole 730 million of the native SSX token ($11.58 million) from Somesing, a South Korean blockchain-based social karaoke platform, last Saturday.

According to the announcement, the attackers withdrew 504 million undistributed SSX tokens, which were scheduled to be circulated by the end of 2025, and 226 million SSX that the Somesing foundation was holding and were already part of its current circulation.

The project reported:

"It has been confirmed that the hacking incident is not related to any member of the SOMESING team, and it is assumed to have been conducted by the professional hacker(s) specializing in hacking virtual assets considering the methods."

The platform has informed the police in order for them to investigate the incident. In addition, it has also said it plans to contact Interpol.

Somesing is also tracking the attackers with the help of local blockchain firm Klaytn Foundation.

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