MicroStrategy Buys Another $593M in Bitcoins
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MicroStrategy, an analytics software provider, has just reported that it has purchased an additional 16,130 BTC for about $593.3 million.

The company reportedly bought the cryptocurrencies between November 1 and November 29 at an average price of $36,785.

The reserves on hand for MicroStrategy and its subsidiaries at the end of November reached 174,530 BTC.

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The company’s full treasury sits at about $1.3 billion in profit.

The company bought 155 BTC in October, but over the course of the entire third quarter of the year the figure reached 6,067 BTC.

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Michael Saylor, the company's founder, has stated that since the company made the decision to invest in BTC on August 10, 2020, MicroStrategy shares have risen in price by 242%.

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