Mt.Gox Will Start Paying Creditors Before End of the Year
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According to letters that Mt.Gox liquidator Nobuaki Kobayashi has sent to the creditors of bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange, they will start receiving payments before the end of the year.

As reported by The Block, the administrator is "making efforts to commence repayments in cash within the 2023 calendar year" and continue the process the following year.

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According to the document:

"The specific timing of repayment to individual rehabilitation creditors is undetermined, and therefore, it will not be possible to provide advance notice to each rehabilitation creditor regarding the specific timing of their repayment."

Creditors can check the status of repayment in the claims system.

In a separate statement, the trustee has reported it received 7 billion yen ($46.9 million) on November 17 to fund the payment. According to the notice, it had 8.8 billion yen ($58.96 million) at its disposal.

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