Standard Chartered Rolls Out a Tokenization Platform
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SC Ventures, the investment and innovation division of Standard Chartered bank, has just announced the launch of Libeara, its tokenization platform.

As reported by SC Ventures yesterday, Libeara has been incubated as an independent company based in Singapore.

The platform has previously conducted a series of proof-of-concept projects as a finalist in the Global CBDC Challenge organized by MAS.

In addition, the project team has been involved in the development of prototype digital platforms used by the government in Hong Kong, Ghana and the Philippines.

Alex Manson, head of SC Ventures, said in a statement:

"Libeara is an exciting new venture: tokenization will make a number of asset classes more widely available. As we now have institutional grade custody and exchange of digital assets with Zodia Custody and Zodia Markets, Libeara is the next logical step to better serve our customers."

Libeara's partners include Fireblocks, responsible for custody, Chainalysis and Chekk for compliance, and Fazz, through StraitsX, for stablecoin to fiat conversion.

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