Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches a New High
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The difficulty of Bitcoin mining has experienced a 3.55% increase as a result of the latest recalculation, resulting in the indicator updating its high at 64.68T.

The average hashrate for the period since the previous value change has reportedly stood at 479 EH/s, whereas the interval between blocks is just over 9.5 minutes.

According to Glassnode analysts, the 7-day smoothed moving average peaked at 475.9 EH/s on Nov. 5. After that, it corrected to around 454.9 EH/s.

The Hashrate index shows the hash price has fallen from $83.1 per PH per day to $80.6.

According to CoinGecko's ranking of mining companies by Bitcoin volume which was released earlier this month, Marathon Digital Holdings leads the classification with reserves of 13,726 BTC, followed by Hut 8 Mining.

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