Marathon Digital to Mine Bitcoins in Paraguay Using Hydroelectric Power
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US crypto mining firm Marathon Digital has just announced it intends to start up a 27 MW facility in Paraguay that will mine Bitcoin with 100% renewable hydroelectric power capacity.

The partner in the implementation of the project has been Penguin Infrastructure Holding.

The first batch of miners with a total hashrate of 0.3 EH/s is currently located next to the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant. The deployment of equipment and connection to the grid is expected to take place during November.

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The company plans to expand the capacity of the facility to 20 MW in 2024 with a throughput of 0.8 EH/s, while in the future, the partners intend to increase the mining capacity to 1.1 EH/s.

This is Marathon's second international project following the launch of a joint mining facility in Abu Dhabi with Zero Two.

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