Fake Ledger Live App Creators Steal $768,000
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Nov. 6, 2023

Users who downloaded the fake Ledger Live app from the Microsoft Store have lost a total of $768,000 in various cryptocurrencies, analyst ZachXBT has reported.

Apparently, the program was distributed since last October 19 under the guise of a legitimate user interface for Ledger wallets that supposedly allows offline storage of cryptocurrencies.

The fraudsters have received a total of 38 transactions valued at 16.8 BTC or $588,000. The first transaction took place on October 24, while the largest single transfer was $81,200.

The analyst has also discovered the attackers’ Ethereum address, which has received assets equivalent to just over 88 ETH.

In total, the fraudsters have stolen $768,000.

For its part, Microsoft has already removed the fake application from its platform.

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