Binance Discontinues Support for Visa Debit Card in Europe
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Binance has just announced it has made the decision to stop issuing and supporting its Visa debit card in the European Economic Area (EEA).

According to the platform, the owners of physical or virtual Binance Visas will be able to use them until December 20.

It should be noted the exchange currently offers Binance Pay as an alternative.

The Binance Card was launched in the spring of 2020 and allowed its users to make Bitcoin and BNB purchases at 46 million merchants in 200 countries. Binance Visa cards were launched in Europe in September of the same year.

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According to a Binance spokesperson:

"Although Binance users from around the world have enjoyed using [the Binance Visa debit] card to make day-to-day payments with crypto assets, only around 1% of our users are impacted by this change."

In August, it became known that Visa and Mastercard had decided to stop cooperating with Binance amid the exchange's regulatory problems.

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