Circle Will Launch USDC on the Base Network
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Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, co-issuer of the stablecoin USDC, has announced the company intends to launch the stablecoin next week on Base, a second-tier solution powered by crypto exchange Coinbase.

The move will reportedly see the abandonment of the "bridge" USDbC version, which was backed by a blockchain equivalent on the Ethereum network and acted as a temporary solution.

The stablecoin’s native smart contract has already been implemented in Base. The project team will explain on launch day how to convert USDbC into a new token.

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The developers will be in close contact with other dApps in the ecosystem in order to facilitate a smooth transition of liquidity providers. The USDbC issuer bridge will continue to operate as normal.

Coinbase opened the Base mainnet to the public last August 9.

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