PancakeSwap Adds Support for Linea Network
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Non-custodial exchange PancakeSwap has recently implemented version 3 of Ethereum’s L2 protocol Linea.

According to the developers, the integration will help users reduce gas fees, accelerate transactions and improve capital efficiency.

Currently, the L2 network includes swap functions and liquidity provision for Linea-based pools. The project team will also implement the ability to farm tokens in the coming months.

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Linea uses zero-knowledge proof technology (ZK-Rollups). The platform is fully EVM-compliant, which means it supports core network code and developers can use existing tools and infrastructure.

The ConsenSys team launched the alpha mainnet back in June. The project's ecosystem includes more than 100 protocols.

PancakeSwap, which initially only worked with the BNB Chain, also supports Ethereum, Aptos, Polygon zkEVM, zkSync Era and Arbitrum networks.

The exchange has already collaborated with the Linea team on a testnet.

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