North Korean Hackers Steal $2B in Crypto in Five Years
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Aug. 21, 2023

According to a report published by TRM Labs, since 2018, North Korean criminal groups have stolen a total of $2 billion in digital assets in more than 30 incidents.

According to the company's experts, during the first seven months of 2023 alone, North Korean hackers stole around $200 million in cryptocurrencies, accounting for 20% of the total number of attacks during this period.

However, the number of attacks has slowed down significantly compared to the previous year, when hackers stole around $800 million, so the cross-chain bridges became the main targets of the groups at that time.

According to the FBI, the government group Lazarus stole $625 million from the Ronin Bridge project in March 2022.

The company experts have said:

"North Korea exploits vulnerabilities in the crypto ecosystem in a variety of ways including through phishing and supply chain attacks, and through infrastructure hacks which involve private key or seed phrase compromises."

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