BIS: By 2030 There Will Be 15 CBDCs
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According to a report by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), 93% of central banks were working on their digital currencies (CBDCs) in 2022.

The institution's analysts have said that nine of the 86 central banks surveyed plan to issue their digital currencies in the next six years. In total, around 15 CBDCs could appear by 2030.

The report states:

"The survey further shows that, to date, stablecoins and other cryptoassets are rarely used for payments outside the crypto ecosystem."

Last June 29, the BIS Innovation Center, in collaboration with the central banks of France, Switzerland and Singapore, tested Curve AMM technology for a CBDC.

That same month, the organization said central bank digital currencies are the backbone of the monetary systems of the future. Cryptocurrencies, according to experts at the Bank for International Settlements, are the wrong way to tokenize.

Last June 26, the Swiss Bank announced its intention to launch a wholesale CBDC pilot project, while India is negotiating the use of its digital currency with 18 countries.

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