Germany's Intelligence Service Launches its Own Collection of NFTs
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June 26, 2023

Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has recently launched a series of NFTs called Dogs of BND on the OpenSea marketplace as part of a campaign to attract crypto and blockchain experts to the agency.

The BND has chosen the German shepherd dog breed as the main theme of the collection of NFTs.

BND spokeswoman Isabelle Kalbitzer has said that "all 987 available non-fungible tokens found new owners" by June 21. The collection was launched on June 5.

To receive the token, the agency offered to pass a kind of "blockchain test" that involved decoding a series of tokens associated with Ethereum. The initiative was launched on the service's Instagram profile, which focuses on hiring at the BND.

She has said:

"With the blockchain challenge and the collection of NFTs, we wanted to jokingly highlight that BND is an amazing employer that is also active in its areas of expertise."

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