FBI Warns Crypto Job Seekers About Labor Trafficking in Asia
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The FBI warned in a press release Tuesday there's an increased activity among bad actors targeting crypto job seekers. The agency said in the document, criminals are posting false job advertisements linked to labor trafficking at Southeast Asia-based scam compounds.

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The victims are held against their will and forced to commit crypto investment fraud schemes. The FBI says criminal actors are focused on a wide range of opportunities, including tech support, call center customer service, and beauty salon technicians.

"Upon job seekers' arrival in the foreign country, criminal actors use multiple means to coerce them to commit cryptocurrency investment schemes, such as confiscation of passports and travel documents, threat of violence, and use of violence," the agency noted.

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The FBI advised US citizens and individuals who travel or live abroad to pay attention to job advertisements online and keep in touch with family or friends while flying abroad.

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