Uranium Finance Hacker Moves 650 ETH to Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash
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18 May

Last May 16, a wallet linked to the Uranium Finance protocol hack moved 650 ETH, valued at around $1.18 million, to cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash.

According to Etherscan, in 30 minutes, the attacker made ten transactions amounting to 100 ETH and 10 ETH.

The wallet owner had previously exchanged $1.19 million in USDT for 657 ETH with three transfers.

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According to PeckShield analysts, the Uranium Finance hacker currently owns $124,000 in cryptocurrencies, including $109,500 in stablecoins and about 7.8 ETH.

The hack of the Uranium Finance protocol took place on April 28, 2021, as a result of which the network lost $50 million. The hacker exploited a vulnerability that arose when moving assets to a new fork of the project.

Last March 7, 2023, the address associated with the Uranium Finance hack moved 2,250 ETH to Tornado Cash.

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