Coinbase's Armstrong Raises $40M for Biotech Startup Khongchum
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Biotech startup NewLimit, co-founded by Brian Armstrong and Blake Byers, has secured $40 million in Series A funding to boost its mission of extending human healthspan.

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In a blog post Tuesday, the firm said the funding was supported by Dimension, Founders Fund, Kleiner Perkins with participation from Eric Schmidt, Elad Gil, Garry Tan, and Fred Ehrsam. With the proceeds, NewLimit wants to continue researches, while remaining a "small focused team."

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NewLimit says it was established to cure aging by epigenetically reprogramming cells. However, the project believes it might also develop products, which could treat or prevent "many diseases associated with aging, including fibrosis, infectious disease, and neurodegenerative disease." It remains unclear, when NewLimit plans to present commercial products.

In 2021, Armstrong and Byers put a total of $105 million into the project.

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