Bakkt Mass Delists DeFi Tokens from Apex Crypto Platform
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May 15, 2023

Institutional platform Bakkt has just delisted most of the DeFi tokens from Apex Crypto, which it has recently acquired.

The company has made the decision in order to comply with regulatory requirements.

Bakkt last month bought Apex Crypto, an integrated crypto trading platform that provides transaction execution, clearing and also offers custody services and a tax-related service.

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The company removed 25 of the 36 assets previously available, including Aave and Avalanche.

According to a Bakkt spokesperson:

"Following the closing of our acquisition of Apex Crypto and as part of our regular coin listing review process, we have made the decision to delist a number of coins on the platform. [...] Our review process ensures those interests are best served when we contemplate the most up-to-date regulatory guidance and the latest industry developments."

The deal with Apex Fintech Solutions (the former owner of Apex Crypto) was part of the company's transition to a B2B model. In February, the platform shut down the crypto retail application.

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