Crypto Wallet Trezor Adds Support for CoinJoin to Mix Bitcoin Transactions
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Cryptocurrency hardware wallet Trezor is now supporting CoinJoin to make bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) transactions untraceable.

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In a blog announcement published on Wednesday, the Trezor team said the new feature is "completely optional" and available to Model T owners through the Trezor Suite web application.

"Since bitcoin is so transparent, the blockchain itself can be analyzed in lots of ways to build a profile of individual users. Using CoinJoin lets you start fresh without leaving a trail of data an attacker might use against you," the firm said.

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To use the feature, users should install the latest Trezor Model T firmware, open Trezor Suit, tap the plus button to select BTC and click on the CoinJoin option from the dropdown.

Trezor notes CoinJoin works appropriately with amounts ranging from 0.1 BTC to 1BTC, adding that small amounts will be "less economical due to mining fees." Trezor will charge a service fee of 0.3% of the amount in addition to mining fees.

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