Blockchain Dev Says 'Crypto OGs' Lost 5K ETH Over Unknown MetaMask Exploit
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April 18, 2023

A massive wallet draining targeting MetaMask users has resulted in a loss of more than 5,000 ETH ($10.5 million) so far, although the nature of the attack remains unclear.

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In a Twitter thread published on Tuesday, a MetaMask developer known as Tay said an exploiter has been deliberately attacking crypto "OGs who are reasonably secure." While it is unclear how exactly the attacker is pulling it off, Tay suggests there was a "fatty cache of data" lost in 2022, noting "that's just a guess."

ConsenSys Confirms Security Incident Affected 7,000 MetaMask Users

After stealing large sums of altcoins, the attacker then swaps tokens for ETH before sending it out. As of press time, MetaMask made no official statement regarding the matter.

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