North Korea Made $1B from Crypto Hacks in 2022: Report
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North Korea allegedly made a record income from crypto hacks in 2022 as the amount of stolen crypto is valued between $630 million to over $1 billion, the UN Security Council estimated, Nikkei Asia reports.

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In an annual report, the analysts say the country used "increasingly sophisticated cybertechniques" not only to steal crypto, but also to steal information of potential value for its weapons programs.

The experts noted it is highly difficult to trace illicitly obtained cryptocurrencies as they are protected by both the anonymity of the blockchain and the "intentional obfuscation of the passage of assets through cryptocurrency exchanges."

North Korean Scammers Copycat Trading Bots to Steal Crypto

In September last year, researchers at SentinelOne found that North Korean hacking group Lazarus Group was distributing malware in a form of a PDF job offer for a crypto company among macOS users. The bad actors were reportedly targeting victims on LinkedIn. The document steals confidential information and personal data. The scale of the attack remains unclear.

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