OKX to Monitor Crypto Volatility with AI Tools
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Cryptocurrency exchange OKX has partnered with EndoTech.io, a provider of AI-driven trading solutions, to give customers a new tool to monitor volatility.

In a press release, the firm behind AI products will give the exchange's users ability to understand and capture crypto market volatility to make informed trading decisions. However, it is unclear if the new feature to be available for all users. Dmitry Gooshchin, COO of EndoTech.io, says AI is capable of helping crypto investors maximize their returns.

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Interest among crypto and blockchain firms in artificial intelligence appears to be high as venture firms are eager to back the new technology. As iHodl reported previously blockchain startup Fetch.ai secured a $40 million funding from DWF Labs to speed up the deployment of decentralized machine learning with blockchain.

Founded in 2017, Fetch.ai develops decentralized networks with the help of machine learning to automate daily tasks. All the data is being recorded on the Fetch.ai blockchain using FET, the native token of the Fetch.ai blockchain.

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