Hacker Steals $9M from Decentralized Exchange SafeMoon
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An unknown attacker has managed to steal around $9 million in crypto assets from decentralized exchange (DEX) SafeMoon.

The platform's CEO, John Karony, has said that we are talking about the pair SFM/BNB.

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He has said:

"We have located the suspected exploit, patched the vulnerability, and are engaging a chain forensics consultant to determine the precise nature and extent of the exploit."

He has assured the hack has not affected other pools or the SafeMoon wallet, and that users' funds are safe.

PeckShield experts have suggested the bug used by the hacker appeared as a result of an earlier update to the recording function code. The vulnerability allowed the attacker to manipulate SFM pricing and withdraw nearly $9 million in wrapped BNB (WBNB) from the contract in a single transaction, according to BscScan.

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