BNB Chain Could Charge Lower Fees
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A proposal has been submitted to the BNB Chain community aimed at reducing transaction fees in the BSC consensus protocol.

The author, ArnoB, has pointed out that L2 solutions have become more common lately, offering users lower fees compared to the BNB Chain blockchain.

He has recalled that the network commission is now set "at a relatively high flat rate" of 5 gwei.

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He has written:

"I propose that BSC validators adopt a more flexible approach towards transaction fees, enabling users to choose fees below the current 5 gwei rate, with options to go as low as 3 or 4 gwei, depending on their financial needs."

In his view, this will allow blockchain and blockchain-based L2 protocols to remain competitive.

According to ArnoB, blockchain performance has stabilized over the past six months, with usage hovering around 15-20%. As the figure rises, even with lower fees, total network fees will increase.

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