ConsenSys Brings Staking on MetaMask to Institutional Investors
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22 March

Ethereum infrastructure provider ConsenSys said MetaMask has launched staking marketplace for institutional investors as the company wants to bring more organizations into Web3.

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In a blog post, ConsenSys said the new product has been launched in partnership with Allnodes, Blockdaemon, and Kiln. The New York-based company says the new institutional-focused staking marketplace will reduce complexity by "streamlining access to top-tier staking providers."

MetaMask Institutional Product Lead, Johann Bornman, says institutional demand for staking will increase in the coming months as the Ethereum network will undergo a new upgrade, bringing withdrawals of staked ethers (ETH).

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According to data from Staking Rewards, a total of 18.8 million of ETH staked so far, with Lido controlling around 30% of all ethers sent to DeFi protocols for staking. As iHodl earlier reported, Ethereum core developers approved a final deadline for activating the long-awaited Shanghai hard fork, which is set for April 12.

The Shanghai hard fork upgrade includes a set of suggestions for improving the network, including EIP-4895, the implementation of which allows ether (ETH) to be withdrawn from the Beacon Chain staking contract.

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