Analysts Discovered Zero-Day Exploit Targeting 280+ Blockchain Networks
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Blockchain security firm Halborn says it has discovered a unique "zero-day" vulnerability impacting over 280 blockchain networks, including Litecoin and Zcash.

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In a blog post, the researches said the vulnerability was also identified in the Dogecoin blockchain, but has been fixed since then. In total, around $25 billion in crypto is at risk due to the so-called Rab13s exploit, which enables hackers to remotely disconnect individual nodes with crafted consensus messages.

Halborn acknowledges that due to codebase differences between the networks not all the vulnerabilities are exploitable on all of them. However, but at least one of zero-day exploits can be exploitable on each network, they added.

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By turning off nodes, hackers can potentially expose a blockchain network to risks like 51% attacks, Halborn emphasized.

Although the researches didn't release technical detail, citing the "severity of the issues," they called on projects, which use a UTXO-based node (like Dogecoin) to upgrade nodes to the latest version (1.14.6).

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