Epic Games Might Ban Crypto Products Over 'Bad Behavior'
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The Epic Games Store (EGS), a digital video game marketplace for Microsoft Windows and macOS, might eventually ban crypto-based video games "if there's any bad behavior," Epic Games boss, Tim Sweeney, told Axios in an interview.

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Although EGS allows developers to release crypto/blockchain-based products in its storefront, the company will shut down that support in case of any shady practices.

"If there's any bad behavior, we are going to be very swift to shut that down," said Sweeney.

However, so far crypto-based video games have done "pretty well," according to EGS General Manager Steve Allison. Allison added that the marketplace plans to roll out more crypto games this year and into early 2024.

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Meanwhile, EGS' main rival Steam doesn't want to deal with any video games that have support for non-fungible tokens, crypto or blockchain. In February last year, Steam founder, Gabe Newell, explained that the video game marketplace stopped accepting bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) payments because the company had realized that 50% of purchases made with the crypto were fraudulent.

Although the blockchain market has a lot of "really interesting" technological solutions, Newell doubts that people have figured out "why you actually need a distributed ledger."

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