The Difficulty of Bitcoin Mining Reaches a New High
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The difficulty of Bitcoin mining has experienced an increase of 1.16% as a result of the latest recalculation and the indicator has updated its all-time high at around 43.55T.

According to analysts at analytics firm Glassnode, the network’s 7-day smoothed moving average hashrate has been around 315 EH/s.

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The hashrate of $0.065 per TH/s per day has fallen to its lowest level in the last month.

The difficulty of mining BTC increased in January by 4.68%, updating an all-time high at around 39.35 TH. In February, the figure increased by another 10%, to 43.05 T.

The US Treasury has earlier this month advocated the introduction of a special tax for mining companies amounting to 30% of the cost of electricity consumed by the equipment.

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