Iron Fish Project Announces an Airdrop on its Mainnet
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The Iron Fish platform, which is backed by a16z and Sequoia Capital, has just announced it intends to launch its mainnet on March 14.

In addition, the project team plans to airdrop 940,000 IRON tokens to testnet users who complete KYC procedures.

The project is working on developing a top-tier blockchain for Web3 user privacy through interoperability and zk-SNARK zero-knowledge proof-of-stake technologies.

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According to Iron Fish:

"Our goal is to be the privacy platform for crypto — even for assets on other chains — with support for custom assets and compatibility with bridges."

According to the team, during the operation of the three testnets, more than 50 million transactions have taken place on them, while the number of nodes at peak exceeded 60,000.

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