Litecoin Network Gets NFTs Through Ordinals Fork
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Feb. 22, 2023

NFT project Ordinals, which recently went live on the Bitcoin network, has just appeared on the Litecoin blockchain.

This reportedly allowed users to place various objects in the form of images, text, videos and other formats.

According to developer Anthony Guerrera, this took a week to complete this "extremely simple" task. The motivation was a reward of 22 LTC. He has published the code on GitHub.

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The developer has updated the Ordinals code to work with input data from the Litecoin network. He has taken into account parameters that differ between blockchains, such as the supply limit and the difference in block creation time.

Guerrera has said the launch of a mechanism for creating NFT-like "enrollments" on the Litecoin network has been made possible thanks to Taproot and SegWit.

According to the developer, unlike the BTC blockchain, where object placement can cost around a dozen dollars, in Litecoin this operation will require "about two cents."

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