SoftBank Becomes Validator of Gaming Blockchain Oasys
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Japanese multinational conglomerate SoftBank has signed a partnership agreement with a gaming blockchain startup Oasys in a form of a validator, TechCrunch reports, citing the company's announcement.

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While details of the deal haven't been disclosed, SoftBank Senior Vice President, Keiichi Makizono, said that the parties "will work together to explore the development of blockchain-based services for the gaming industry." It is unclear if SoftBank is planning to buy Oasys' native token OAS to validate blockchain blocks.

SoftBank joins a big list of Japanese gaming companies that have already joined the blockchain as validators, including Square Enix, Bandai Namco Research and Ubisoft. Amid the news, OAS price gained 15% to $0.10, according to data from Nomics.

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In the future, Oasys wants to allow the public to participate through a council and remove the limit on the number of validator slots "as long as the necessary requirements are being met," the announcement says.

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